A little xPage optimization

When you are developing an application there is a time when performance comes to play. This can be either in the beginning of the project due to certain requirements or after some time developing you’ll notice your application does not performance as well as you thought it would. This post will give you a few … Read more

Use the correct scope.. and use them correctly.

Sometimes I get to see the xPage code other developers made and a thing that still confuses a lot of  people is how and when to use the correct scoped variables. Many times people just put everything into the sessionScope. Because it is easy ( its always there!) and it is personal (every user gets a different session) or is it? This blogpost is about the do’s and dont’s with scoped variables. How not to use them and how to use them. When to use them and when not to use them..

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And we are back

After a few years of inactivity I decided to start a new blog on my website again. This blog will be about the things I encounter during my development hours. Mostly this will feature xPages, lotuscript or other Notes related development. But sometimes a little php will also show up occasionally.