xPages and Java : Usage of 3th party packages and jsonsimple.

A small post from my side about 3th party packages. Be sure whenever you make us of an 3th party jar file: Check the license file Make use of libraries which are open source when possible. Make sure the libraries don’t have lots and lots of dependencies ( other 3th party libraries ) One example […]

Serving media files to iPad/iPhone on Domino part 1

  “We want a video library application” they said “No problem, can be done” I said “Bad iPad” I screamed! the lines above are a  little summary of what happened the last few days. At the office  I’m building  a web application which is used to serve Video files. Everything worked fine except for iPhone […]

Don’t forget the milliseconds. A post about dates and Datetime comparison

During my work I find working with date and time objects one of the most challenging things. I just spent a few hours finding out that when you retrieve date from a view column the millisecond part of the date is actually not set at all. In my current project I’m using a date control […]

Working with Notes designer 9.0

IBM released their next version of Notes in public beta status on the 14th. Since then I’m busy playing around with the new client / designer on my home development box. I have to say they did a great job once again. The client starts very fast compared to the 8.5.x releases and the UI […]

Java: Integrating onTime group calendar in your own application

One thing I love about my work is that now and then I get the chance to play with the newest things on the market. Recently I took a look at the Ontime suite. Ontime suite is a application which enables a company, amongst other things, to display a overview of their employee’s appointments without […]