Tagging to the rescue

A few weeks ago I started to think about digitizing my administration. So any invoice, tax mail or any other official document that would otherwise disappear in one of my big filing cabinets would now be scanned and saved onto my computer.

So I installed truecrypt to be sure the files are being saved encrypted and started to scan the documents. After a while I realized.. wait.. how do i search in all this data? My first thought was ‘tagging’.

So today after a little search on google I decided to create my own litle tagging application. I present to you Tagger. Just be warned. I wrote it just in a few hours and therefore I would call it a beta release. Main features for this application are simple:

  • List files in a certain directory where the program is running from
  • Add tags to the files
  • Search files by tags
  • Save the tag data in a filesystem independent manner.

Features not yet implemented

  • Remove tags from file
  • Show a list of most used tags

Go ahead and download Tagger and tell me what you think !

oh by the way.. the UI is terrible.. I know

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