Java: Integrating onTime group calendar in your own application

One thing I love about my work is that now and then I get the chance to play with the newest things on the market. Recently I took a look at the Ontime suite. Ontime suite is a application which enables a company, amongst other things, to display a overview of their employee’s appointments without having to open every single agenda. Since a few months the guys at Ontime released a new version which is features a API to communicate with the Ontime application directly using http.

The cool thing about this API is that you can use it yourself to connect to the Ontime application functionality. For instance if you want to add the possibility inside your Eclipse client, Joomla application or WordPress blog to schedule a meeting or display meeting information you can use this API to do so. Currently I’m looking into the possibilities and it looks very promising.

Since I mainly develop in Java during such a R&D project, I created an JAVA wrapper around the API database. I planning to use this wrapper inside my custom Java application to display calendar appointments and create appointments for a certain user.

If this works I can use this wrapper in all Java based applications to communicate with the Ontime API without having to install a AJAX Proxy ( since ajax can’t communicate with different domains and a server based solution can. ) etc.

The cool thing is of course that this opens up possibilities for everyone who has the Ontime suite to integrate its functionality within their own applications!

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