ViewPanel vs. Dijit.Tree part 2

In this article I will describe how I converted. We will concentrate on how to use a restService control and how to get the data needed to load the first categories in the tree. This in This In the previous part of the series I explained a bit about how to create a simple dijit.tree … Read more

xPages and Beer 12-06-2013

Yesterday I attended a new edition of the xPages and Beer sessions. xPages and Beer is an initiative started by some very great xPages developers to share their knowledge for anyone who wants to attend. The very first edition started with around ~10 people and yesterday a stunning crowd of 20! people where attending. It … Read more

Serving media files to iPad/iPhone on Domino part 1

  “We want a video library application” they said “No problem, can be done” I said “Bad iPad” I screamed! the lines above are a  little summary of what happened the last few days. At the office  I’m building  a web application which is used to serve Video files. Everything worked fine except for iPhone … Read more