Source control to the rescue

For those who own a Qnap NAS system and want to use source control. But dont want to use public repositories like Git: This wiki article explains how to install and run svn on your local qnap. Just be aware that the passwords are by default saved as plain text so be sure your qnap is not directly accesible via the web or so.

I took me less then 5 minutes to create a svn server, a repository and to add my projects from my eclipse client ( indigo ) to the svn server. As a test I removed the project from my eclipse after I posted it to SVN. I created a new project from svn and everything worked fine.

Because my own Qnap is syncing with the Qnap of my family 100km away I can assure now my projects are save.

Next step: Add svn to my domino designer 9 install!

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