Hi, after some down time I’m back again doing some xpages and I already seem to have forgotton to many things. I have the following code: A datasource: <xe:objectData var=”league” ignoreRequestParams=”true” scope=”request”> <xe:this.saveObject><![CDATA[#{javascript:leagueService.set(league)}]]></xe:this.saveObject> <xe:this.createObject><![CDATA[#{javascript: return leagueService.get(viewScope.currentKey);}]]></xe:this.createObject> </xe:objectData> and a couple of comboboxes <xp:comboBox id=”idLeagueList” value=”#{viewScope.currentKey}”> <xp:selectItems> <xp:this.value><![CDATA[#{javascript: return eu.jeroensomhorst.cms.util.JSFUtil.asSelectItem(leagueService.getAll(season),true);}]]></xp:this.value> </xp:selectItems> <xp:eventHandler event=”onchange” submit=”true” refreshMode=”complete”> </xp:eventHandler> … Read more

Software installation and %temp%

I justed reïnstalled my windows 7 notebook. One of the many drivers I need to install are the drivers for my nvidia graphics card. When started it askes the user where to extract the setup files. So I set the directory to %temp%/nvidia .  The etraction process began and after it completed the installer returned … Read more

CSS layouts

A quick post from me about layouts. If you are as lazy as I am and don’t want to use the application layout all the time but also dont want to burn up precious hours only finetuning CSS you could take a look at this page: http://layouts.ironmyers.com. It features a enormous amount of ready to … Read more