What I have been up to lately

So, quit some time since my last post on my blog. And I guess that some of you are wondering what I have been doing lately. Well.. lets just say this..


A couple of months ago I bought myself a so called Homey. This is a little device that can act as your domotica heart. It can control all sorts of things such as 433,92mhz devices, z-wave, infrared ( it is not that good doing this ) and much much more. And the fun part of it all. It is actually some  awesome hardware in a awesome package that is running Node.js. So every I got this little friend I started to create apps for it. Because it is just a small computer running on NodeJS you can also create apps that do stuff not directly related to Domotica.

For instance you could make an app that checks the weather ( don’t bother, people already done that ) or any other app that can call an api and is running on a speech activated device. I will try to make some blog posts in here on how I create the apps and my toughts about NodeJS (no, I’m not a huge fan).

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