AngularJS a new world opens

In my spare time I’m currently looking into AngularJS. Before I started working on it I was skeptical. The main reason for it is that it’s  JavaScript framework and I’m not particularly fan of this language at all. Error handling is  mess and the fact that it’s weakly typed isn’t great either.

So why start using AngularJS? I think that the main reason can be described as ‘easy of use’. Because web apps are the way to go I have  to find a tool that can help me write those apps with the least effort. Together with the templating engine and the fact that there is already a lot of stuff in the framework I don’t need to write a whole bunch of code myself just to get a input field to change its value when someone presses a button. Another thing I like about angular is the structure.

Currently, working on my first real app, I have a main module ( the app ) which has dependencies with other modules. The main app is really straight forward and contains only the global things like a user object and so fort. The other modules are in fact directives that contain isolated business logic.

And next to that I have a service module. This module is only used for storing factory definitions. One for connecting to the login REST endpoint, another one for connecting to the data REST endpoint etc. etc. I’m planning on adding some blog posts regarding angular in the future. Don’t expect these to be tutorial like posts but they will be more like post it notes so I wont forget the things I already did in the past 😉

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  1. Sometimes yes. I like the idea of having an api.xsp and just add the rest service into it. Also the noSQL structure is still great.


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