AngularJS : 1 Month later

Exactly one month go I posted a little message stating that I’m going to venture into the world of angularJS. This blogpost is for myself as a post-it note to keep the most important parts easy to find:

  1. the framework is awsome
  2. the framework is awsome
  3. the framework is awsome
  4. the framework is awsome


keeping track of scope variables can be a pain in the ###. Use $scope.$watch(‘<variable name>) to get notified about changes. first call is always some sort of initialization call!

use inline scopes in directives, this way the directive can be mean and clean.

scope: {

variable: "outervariable",

variable: "@attribute",



use $http for low level ajax calls. $http uses promises. Promises are a observer/observable like tech to call funtions when a specified asynchronous task completes. When multiple ‘objects’ use the same service add a addListener method like so

var service = function($scope, $http) {
 var listeners = [];
 var self = this;
 this.addListeners = function(l) {

 this.doGet = function() {
 $http.get('<someurldotstuff', self.onSuccess, self.onError);

 this.onError = function(data) {
 for (var i = 0; i < listeners.length; i++) {

 this.onSuccess = function(data) {
 for (var i = 0; i < listeners.length; i++) {

This way you can have multiple ‘listeners’ and don’t worry in your service on what is happening and break things by changing parsing the result.


Don’t use anonymous functions!! Use a function defined at /App/controllers.js It makes your life easier

When defining a controller be aware of the DI properties. Always check the order of things 😉

Divide and conquer

Use the following app structure*

– /App

/App/libs : Contains all the javascript libraries needed to get it working such as moment.js or something similar

/App/pojo: Contains your ‘classes’ that are to be used. For instance in my runkeeper project I have a pojo for a workout, for a list of workouts and for heartrate data.

/App/app.js: Main module for the project.

/App/controller.js: Controller javascript. Contains all the controllers used throughout the application. no mather where they are used, in directives or just as a basic view controller.

/App/services.js: service object definitions module

/App/directives.js: main service definition module. Uses controller.js and service.js to get the work done. *be aware of this in <html><header>

/Templates: contains the main view templates

/Templates/partials: contains sub templates such as used by directives. 

* thinking about moving them into the /App directory

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