Prestigio Multipad_4_QUANTUM_9.7

If you ever have the need for buying a Multipad_4_QUANTUM_9.7 from prestigio. Please be aware that you should follow the following instructions when ipgrading your firmware. Because if you don’t you will spend HOURS and HOURS finding out why you’re tablet is not recognized by the ‘splendid’ rkbatcher tool.

oh and just to warn you . If you upgrade you’re firmware you lost all your settings.. and data..

1. Shutdown tablet

2. Remove external SD card (if present)
3. Plugin USB cable into tablet
4. Hold Vol+ and Power and connect USB to computer. When computer detects new device, release buttons (this is typically after 3-4 secs – if you hold longer, you will get to recovery mode (android bot with open belly) and you don’t need to be there => use volume to bring up menu, use volume again to select “reboot” and power button to confirm).  It remains a bit of trial & error…
5. Install driver from rockchip package.  => See below
6. Optional: Shutdown tablet (not necessary in my case, since I can see the device stays connected in Windows Device Manager)
7. Start Rockbatchtool after correcting the config.ini file => see below
8. Press Power & Volume+ to start tablet –> will be recognized by Rockbatch tool (green button at connected devices)
9. Load update image and click Restore … wait until reboot


Installing driver goes like this:

1. Windows / Open Control Panel (you wanna have this open before starting the above procedure)
2. Select “System”
3. Open “Device Manager”
4. Watch the list as it will change upon detection of a new device.  It should add something like “Class of Rockchip Devices” near the top of the list. You’ll see a device with a yellowish exclamation mark
5. Right click onto the new device and “Install/Update Driver”
6. Choose the driver from “My Computer”


Now: as for the config.ini modification, I found on minixforums a post by user Snurb that does the trick.  You open config.ini (located in the same folder where the .exe file is) and look for this line:


#SUPPORTLOWUSB=TRUE时,扫描支持full speed usb设备,默认只支持high speed usb设备

This you change into:

#SUPPORTLOWUSB=TRUE时,扫描支持full speed usb设备,默认只支持high speed usb设备

Save & close.

Then you start Rockbatch Tool and all of a sudden, I had a green flashing light… ready to flash the new firmware!


Hope this helps.  Happy flashing!



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