Android Development: Starting a server socket

As you already know the application i’m building is using service discovery to connect to other devices. How does this work? Step 0:  Add activity as observer to the servicehelper class (line 4) Step 2: Start registering the service to the network (10) protected void onResume() { Log.d(TAG, “On Resume called”); ServiceHelper.getInstance(this).addObserver(this); if (!ServiceHelper.getInstance(this).hasServiceRegistered( StrategoService.SERVICE_NAME, … Read more

Android Development

It has been a while since my last dev related posting but here it goes. I decided to pick up android development to see how it goes and if it is as hard as people say it is. This blogpost will give you a little insight in the things I stumbled upon. Be warned. This blogpost is not written in some chronological order. It just a bunch of things I have to remember when doing android development. Therefore this post can be updated in the future.

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REST framework for XPages (2)

In my previous post I announced the framework I’ve been building the last couple of weeks to implement REST services in xPages. In theory you can drag’n’drop a restcontrol on an xpage, bind the apibean to it and you are good to go. But of course you still need to write code that handles the … Read more