Prestigio Multipad_4_QUANTUM_9.7

If you ever have the need for buying a Multipad_4_QUANTUM_9.7 from prestigio. Please be aware that you should follow the following instructions when ipgrading your firmware. Because if you don’t you will spend HOURS and HOURS finding out why you’re tablet is not recognized by the ‘splendid’ rkbatcher tool. oh and just to warn you . […]

SugarCRM: Logic hook default handlers

This post is a little tip for all those SugarCRM developer noobies out there ( including myself ). When you want to do field validation serverside or do some business calculations while saving the bean(s) you should use logic hooks ( more info here ). Logic hooks can hook into several stages of the applications/module’s […]

xPages & Beer meeting Presentation

Last wednesday I did a presentation called “Coding Java for xPage Developers” on the Dutch XPages & Beer event. It has been a while since my last presentation so I was a quite a bit nervous. Especially when during the presentation people started to ask questions I didn’t really prepared for. But I managed and got some […]