Serving media files to iPad/iPhone on Domino part 2

Finally, after almost 2 months I finally have time to blog a bit again. This blog will be the second part in a 2 part series about how to serve files for iPad / iPhone devices on a domino server.

Back in part 1 I talked about an xpage application I was developing where the customer wanted to serve video streams to mobile devices. After a couple of days development I got a nice little application running where video’s could be uploaded and watched on all major browsers. The site used the video tag from HTML5 to serve the video files to the browser which accepted this tag. As said in Part 1 mobile safari uses the byte range header to retrieve the first few bytes of a stream to see which type of file is being streamed. By default, as far as I know, the domino server does not understand this header so we have to build this ourselves.

The first step in building this functionality is to create a simple custom control. The custom control contains the following lines of code:

As you can see nothing to fancy, an xp:text box which generates the correct html for the video tag. In the afterPageLoad I generate the correct url for for the video to be played. As you already notice I’m using an xPage as the url for the video tag src attribute. Lets see what happens on the this videoTest page?

The VideoRangeUtil.renderResponse method is called with the current facescontext, the id of the document and the filename we want to retrieve. The renderReponse method looks like this. I have added comments on important places. This code was not completely written by me but was inspired by code from balusC.

Just be aware that this code is not perfect and can be optimized here and there.


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    This is exactly the challenge I’m dealing now with! ) Will try this solution.



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